Wednesday, 18 April 2012

I Love Who ?!

HYE !! 

Okay , this post I want to share about the people that I really LOVE . Human needs LOVE right ? So, i just want to share to you all about the people who I really really love . .


I really love my mum because . .

- She Raised Me Up She's - 

- The One Who Take Care Of Me - 

- She Bring Me To This World -

- She's My Teacher -

- She Is My Father, My Mother, My Sister.. She Is Everything -

My Mum Visiting Turkey

My Mum And My Step Father
At Changi Airport 


I really love my mum as normal human beings, we should love our mother. In Islam also, mother is the most important person for a person to love and respect.

P/S: Love and respect our mother before it too late =) <3

Okey I Love Her Too <3

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