Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Things That I Enjoy Doing It . .

HYE !!

Okay , this entry I want to share to you all about things that I really love and enjoy doing it, also known as My Hobbies.  Of course it is not ASSIGNMENT . . Sincerely my readers, I really don't have any specific hobbies. But this is things that I will do when i am bored to death or have like 1000 years to live and i got nothing to do . .

Firstly . .

I love to open google chrome because it is a fast browser for now . . and

 I will open my facebook and twitter account . for me to keep in touch and stay connected as mark zuckerburg always said =.=

 Next Thing that i like to do is . .

PLAYING GAMES. . and i love to play Pro Evolution Soccer . . Although I don't play well in real world , but 
Iam pro in this games . hehe =) 

I also like to clean up my laptop because i love it so much 

LOL =)
next after bored doing all above activities , i will . . 

YESS !! cook ! I love to cooks and thats why I am 'CUTE'
after full , i will spent time with my friends and have a
conversation . . 


I Also love to play guitar when im bored , I play guitar since I am in Form 4 and until now , i Can't play like slash , just can play like a baby =(
. . . . . 

and finally i things that i like to do is texting with people that i love especially HER <3 


 okay that all my hobbies , hope you all can share your hobbies guys . see you all in the next post . bye . salam =)

Source:Picture ( Google Image,love you Google <3 )