Tuesday, 24 April 2012

I Can't Forget This . .

HYE !!

Okay for this entry I want to share about things that I really can’t forget in my life. It is unforgettable to me because I rarely got this chance in my life. And the ‘things’ that I can’t forget is my family vacation to Adelaide, Australia =) We are visiting our brother that studied there. My mum miss him so much so she plan a trip to visit him .

I can’t write to show you all how amazing it is . .

BIG bird A380

My Mum <3

Remember This ?

Nano's Cloud

My Brothers House ( Street's View )


Its Budu in Aussie Yaww !!

Remember Something ?

Garage Sale 

Harbour Town Shopping Mall

Glenelg Beach


3D Arts in the Street

My Big Brother's Back

'Kurr Kurr Kurr' ( Birdies Sound )

See This Guy Guitar ? Cool Right ?

My Brother With His Girlfriend. .  

Malay And Thai Restaurant 

Kangaroo's Meat 

I hope that one day I can visit this awesome place again with her and our family. <3 . .

Source : Picture ( MY OWN CAMERA )

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